Hi everyone! I am Riddhi! I got my login credentials after so long, and I finally get to check out my dashboard! I’ve realized that not many of my 4th grade classmates are still on this blog, but I hope at least one of you guys check this post! It’s been quite a long time […]

A new start!

Hello Everyone. I know it has been a really long time. But there is a good news! I…………..have a new blog! Yes. This is the URL: www.riddhiculous4505.blogspot.com This was a big decision but it was worth it. You can follow and subscribe to the blog as well! I tried to keep it a secret, that […]

Reflection and Experience

So, I kinda completed the STUBC. The reason why I said kinda is because I didn’t post one week. Well, sorry to say this but I will not continue the STUBC challenge as this time my experience was not that great. For those who enjoyed I am glad that you did and keep it up! […]

Schools Around the World!

Hello, world! This time I have created a short survey to fill about your school! I hope you enjoy filling it in! The beautiful school survey is here! Thank you very much for filling the form! Comment down below if I should do more of these interactive posts! Stay Home, Stay Safe. Riddhi Sharma

Earth Day 🌍

Finally Earth Day has come. Here are some challenges to do on Earth day! Go paperless Sow a seed from a fruit Paint a tree on any surface Make some recycled paper Recycle some old things Craft a wall decor using scraps and pieces of junk Pray for the pandemic to get over Draw an […]