How it is like to have a tortoise (Part 2)

Welcome to theĀ  Part 2 of how it’s like to have a tortoise! So another little thing about him is that he waddles whenever I give him a bath. He literally swims in the air while he is bathing! Also, we had to make a barrier all around the table as he would get tangled in the wires under it. He LOVES to scratch walls and go to empty corners of the room too! Here look…

So, you see how he scratches on the wall trims! This is another scratch on my painting barrier…

So I guess we will have to make sure he doesn’t scratch up everything around. Okay, now here’s the last scratch on an other barrier…

Gosh! I am sick of this! But he is a little baby and they always do that, so it is fine.

Riddhi Sharma 4 K

3 thoughts on “How it is like to have a tortoise (Part 2)

  1. He is right now sleeping in the tub with lettuce and a grip napkin. Hahahaha hahahaha!

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