Earth Day 🌍

Finally Earth Day has come. Here are some challenges to do on Earth day!

  1. Go paperless
  2. Sow a seed from a fruit
  3. Paint a tree on any surface
  4. Make some recycled paper
  5. Recycle some old things
  6. Craft a wall decor using scraps and pieces of junk
  7. Pray for the pandemic to get over
  8. Draw an earth day project and hang it on the wall
  9. Create some posters for Earth Day and ask the security if you can put them up on the wall of the building.
  10. Create a comedy role play on Earth Day and present it to your family.

And I hope you all stay safe while doing this. Please ask for adult supervision before doing some of the activities. Thank you all and…

Stay Home,

Stay Safe.

Riddhi Sharma

3 thoughts on “Earth Day 🌍

  1. Hello, I’m Alex, and I live in California. I noticed you pointed out current events and “tied” them in with Earth Day. I find that very interesting, and I think the ideas you came up with are amazing! What did you do for Earth Day?

  2. Hello! I tried to sow a seed and it turned pretty cool! Thank you so much for visting, Alex!

  3. Hi Riddhi,

    What an active participant you are! So many great ideas to spread the word about Earth Day :).
    I’m an EFL teacher in Portugal and I asked my students to write acrostic poems – safe enough, don’t you think?
    Thank you for sharing so many ideas and such a well organised and written post.
    Best wishes and happy blogging.
    #stayhome #staysafe
    Mrs Duarte

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